Short term accommodation (STA)

Happy Healthy Care provides expert care and 24-hour support for people living with physical and/or intellectual disability in our STA residential homes in Perth. When a person living with a disability requires temporary support from professional caregivers or in a dedicated support home, they can turn to Short Term Accommodation options to meet their needs. These accommodations provide a person with disabilities a home that can meet their support needs on a short term basis while a medium or long term solution is determined.

Our homes include dedicated accommodation for children ages 7-17; and for adults aged 18 and over. During your family member's stay they will have the opportunity to experience fun activities in the home and excursions out in the community, socialise with the other guests, and be supported to practise their independence and life skills.

Short term accommodation in Perth

Short term accommodation and respite often gives people the chance to try new things, make new friends, and develop new skills. Short term accommodation can come in many forms depending on the needs of the individual and their carers. At Happy Healthy Care, we can address the circumstances of each individual and find the type of short term accommodation that best suits the situation.

  • In-home respite – This option involves a support worker coming to the individual's home to provide care and support. It allows a primary carer to take a break from their caregiving responsibilities while ensuring the individual’s needs are met.
  • Community-based respite – Participants can stay in a community based facility for a short period, such as a group home or respite centre. This type of short term accommodation offers participants the chance to interact with others and engage in activities in a community setting.
  • Host family respite – In this arrangement, the participant can stay with a host family for a short period who can provide the care and support that the participant needs. This can be a good way for them to experience different environments and build social connections.
  • Crisis or emergency respite – We can provide short term accommodation in a situation where the primary caregiver is unable to provide care due to an emergency or illness. We can ensure the needs of the individual are met during a crisis.